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    About Us

    GamingUnion.net was founded in April 2009 after repeated success building specific franchise based fansites. Following its arrival onto the scene, GamingUnion.net appeared at E3 2009 shortly afterwards with 5 editors attending from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Later that year, attendance was also registered at Gamescom 09 and the 2009 Tokyo Game Show.

    Since then, GamingUnion.net has grown from strength to strength. Its audience has significantly increased, and as a result, so has its community base. Numerous contests, many successful podcast series, and an increasing number of staff members are a testament to the growth that GamingUnion.net has shown since its inception. And it's not stopping either. At the start of 2010, GamingUnion.net launched its second design, which introduced many more community-orientated features. It saw a significant increase in page views per visit to the website.

    The philosophy of GamingUnion.net is simple. A website based on strong integrity, but also one that's founded on true gaming spirit. All of the staff members are specialists in at least one field and it's with this foundation that our community stems. Our fansites are still going, our dedication to the cause hasn't waned and in the future, we will only grow stronger as a result.

    The future is bright for GamingUnion.net.