Skyrim Mods Roundup

By Colin Tan on February 15, 2012, 5:11PM EDT

Bethesda finally unleashed the long-awaited Creation Toolkit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim last week, much to the euphoria of the game's modding community.

According to the studio, there have been more than 2500 mods and counting released, and over two million downloads within a span of three days since the release of the toolkit and Steam Workshop, a handy hub where you can find all of these impressively good and terrible mods to check out.

I've rounded up a collection of my personal favourites, from gameplay mods to all new weapons and armour additions. Gotta say that a certain voice command mod is among one of the most impressive I've come across so far. Check them out below.

Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons - Narsil & Anduril
A high resolution weapon mod that adds two swords from The Lord of the Rings: Narsil and Anduril. As a LOTR fan, this is a welcome addition to the vast array of blades available in Skyrim.

Skyrim Mods Roundup - Narsil and Anduril

Minecraft Diamond Sword
Does this really need an explanation? It's the Diamond Sword. From Minecraft. In your Skyrim.

Skyrim Mods Roundup - Minecraft Diamond Sword

That inventory. It's like Bethesda didn't think things through all the way. This mod should help sort out the clutter. Items are categorized with their respective data laid out in a table, so filtering through them is no longer that big a pain in the rump.

Dragonbreath Shouts for Thu'umic Shouter
The Thu'uMic Shouter mod was originally made by Deadly Azuril and Psycho Hampster and enabled players to use their own voice to perform Dragon Shouts. This is an extension of that mod which combines the Dragonshouts for Thu'uMic and Dragonbreath Shouts mods. There's something to be said about the level of immersion this mod brings to the table. Now you can shout at your computer for reasons other than rage.

A Quality World Map
This mod adds high resolution textures to the world map, and roads! It makes mapping out your journeys surprisingly easier. Not to mention the world maps looks much nicer.

Skyrim Mods Roundup - A Quality World Map

Enhanced Blood Textures
One of the more essential mods in my collection. Enhanced Blood Textures adds high resolution textures for anything blood related. From wounds, on-screen and hit splatters, it creates an intensity in battle that feels more immersive than the vanilla blood effects.

Realistic Smoke and Embers
A great mod that adds higher detail and better effects to fires and smoke in Skyrim

Skyrim Mods Roundup - Realistic Smoke and Embers

Realistic Water Textures and Terrain
This environmental mod replaces the vanilla textures of water bodies with higher resolution and much more realistic looking ones. Not to mention the terrain has been redesigned to look far more natural.

Real Snow
Snow is a major element of the great North known as Skyrim. So it doesn't really help that it didn't look that snowy. The snow simply looked boring, it didn't pile up into soft heaps, it didn't cover up the tops of surfaces and it didn't look cold. Real Snow adds not just hi-res textures, but mounts of snow that cover up structures and rocks, and new shaders that make the snow look amazing.

Skyrim Mods Roundup - Real Snow

More Dynamic Shadows
Skyrim is rather notorious for having pretty flat and muddy looking lighting and there are plenty of mods circulating that rectify this. A lot of them however require the installation of the ENB Series mod, a mod that ramps up the lighting department to infinity and beyond, but hitting the performance of low to mid range PCs hard at the same time. Thankfully, this mod adds a good amount of dynamic shadows without too huge a hit to performance.

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