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    DarkFeed: New Minecraft Game, FFXIII-2 in Prada, and the Wii U Sucks!

    Wii U PS3 X360 PC 0 Comments Apr 6th, 2012, 11:02pm EDT by Brian Arnold  
    DarkFeed: New Minecraft Game, FFXIII-2 in Prada, and the Wii U Sucks! Welcome back to another episode of DarkFeed, the weekly show that gives you all the big news in the gaming industry, but in a bite sized portion. You walk away from the table feeling full, but not stuffed to the point of vomiting. The perfect amount of video game nutrition. After all, it does the body good... kind of.

    Well, another week, another list of news stories coming from the gaming industry. This episode we've got some big ones! DarkSky is gonna take you through how Amazon Instant Video has been released on the PS3, that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to Mac, the Minecraft creator is developing a new game, how the characters in FF13-2 are dressed in Prada, the report on the Wii U's subpar graphics and Nintendo's response, and finally the announcement of new Mass Effect DLC coming this summer. The question of the week this time around is a good one: "What do you think the new game from the creator of Minecraft will be about?"

    Be sure to check back in each week to see what DarkSky will be bringing you in the way of updates in the video game industry. If you have questions for DarkSky, be sure to either leave a comment below or follow him on Twitter!

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    TAGS: Nintendo Wii U, Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIII 2, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone

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