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  2. Green Game Farm

    Sustainability is all the rage but really getting it right is much harder than it appears to be. It’s for this reason that Dalton Private Game Reserve in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and Koop Design need to be applauded. They recently won the top shop award at the AfriSam-SAIA Awards for Sustainable Architecture. The awards are an initiative aimed at recogninsing outstanding achievements in sustainable architecture. Koop Design synthetic grass focused on integration with the natural design of the 3000 hectare game farm. Koop designed all the infrastructural and residential buildings on the reserve and manifested Dalton’s environmental and social philosophy of a contemporary African aesthetic synthetic grass. As part of the sustainability aims all the alien vegetation was removed from the reserves and a vegetable garden employing local villagers was started. As part of the Dalton Reserve, an initiative called the Dalton Education Trust was set up to restore and protect the indigenous vegetation and wildlife of the area, and initiate social and environmental programmes for the development of the local community to sustain and create a thriving environment.
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  6. Hey Everyone

    Hi I am Philip, nice to meet you
  7. Hi everyone

    hello nice to meet you
  8. Greetings

    hi nice to meet you
  9. Last game you completed?

    I think I ended up playing and beating Pyre again but if you mean the most recently beat game that I haven't beat before it would have to be Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
  10. Question Time

    So I am wondering about backing up Final Fantasy Unions Episodes on my SoundCloud account just to have them around. I don't wish to be sued or anything like that so I figured I'd throw it out there.
  11. Greetings

    hi everyone,I'm David and i'm so glad to join this forum with you. Hope that all of you have a good day
  12. Last game you completed?

    Well, just beat the original Phantasy Star. Not a bad game
  13. The Person After Me....

    Sadly, no. One day, maybe Tpam can't remember the last time they cleaned their screen
  14. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    In the kitchen downstairs Nearest floppy disk
  15. First thing I think of when I hear...

    Mexican Food
  16. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    In the freezer in the garage. Nearest box of cereal
  17. The Person After Me....

    See, you say vita, and my ears instantly perk up like an excited dog. I think its only a couple of bucks too. tpam hasn't played FF XV
  18. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    Next room over Nearest candy
  19. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    In a drawer somewhere around here. Nearest rug.
  20. First thing I think of when I hear...

    Tortillas Chips
  21. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    Among a bunch of old toys Nearest blade
  22. The Person After Me....

    Although I lack a Switch to play it, and won't get one any time soon, it looks awesome tpam should look into checking out Adventures of Mana for Vita, iOS and Android, as it is a remake of the Gameboy game Final Fantasy Adventure (which is also the first game in the Mana series)
  23. First thing I think of when I hear...

    Boy Band
  24. I Hate to admit but...

    ihtab despite my messed up sleep schedule I'm starting to get tired.
  25. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    A window a couple of feet away. Nearest wristwatch.
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