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    My relationship with FF12 is a tad bit on the complicated side. I love the game, but feel that the story falls halfway through. Gameplay on the other hand is the best I have ever fallen asleep during. The world is my favorite in the Final Fantasy universe. I love Ivalice, I love Ivalician moogles, and Balthier is awesome. Sadly, I am not able to get The Zodiac Age, but with everything I know, it is THE version to get, even if you had it on PS2 back in the day.
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    *looks at merch* indeed, kupo. *Poof's away whist leaving behind a pile of Ivalician and Nova Crysalician moogle plushies* kupopo
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    Well, sorry that I let you doubt my intentions..this was a thread I created just for fun and nothing else..this forum is quite unlike others..crowded (becomes difficult to follow). I was just trying to gather a common ground.. And I do know you are mod and I respect you for that.
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    Welcome to the forums, have fun, post lots, and beware the mods... there's one who believes he's a moogle. He's a bit out there Anyways. We are always looking to take new members into the community. It kinda crashed a few years back and we just have been in a slump.
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    Final Fantasy VII has received several sequeles/prequels to help expand the universe of the game. However, the secret ending of Dirge Cerberus still leaves a few questions to be answered, specially the fact that Genenis is alive. We do not know is his plans, but one thing is for sure, his story isn't over yet. So, with this in mind, do you think that Square should develop another FF VII sequel or should they instead focus of including his story in the Final Fantasy VII remake?
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