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    My relationship with FF12 is a tad bit on the complicated side. I love the game, but feel that the story falls halfway through. Gameplay on the other hand is the best I have ever fallen asleep during. The world is my favorite in the Final Fantasy universe. I love Ivalice, I love Ivalician moogles, and Balthier is awesome. Sadly, I am not able to get The Zodiac Age, but with everything I know, it is THE version to get, even if you had it on PS2 back in the day.
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    *looks at merch* indeed, kupo. *Poof's away whist leaving behind a pile of Ivalician and Nova Crysalician moogle plushies* kupopo
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    Well, sorry that I let you doubt my intentions..this was a thread I created just for fun and nothing else..this forum is quite unlike others..crowded (becomes difficult to follow). I was just trying to gather a common ground.. And I do know you are mod and I respect you for that.
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    Welcome to the forums, have fun, post lots, and beware the mods... there's one who believes he's a moogle. He's a bit out there Anyways. We are always looking to take new members into the community. It kinda crashed a few years back and we just have been in a slump.
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