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  1. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Wish Sony would get around to supporting that, I've honestly switch to getting all of my cross-platform titles on the Xbox One now and relegated the PS4 to exclusives-only because I don't want to have to delete/reinstall stuff. For example, I have a 3TB external hooked up to the XBO, which works perfectly. I could even hook another up if I really wanted to since there's still another USB slot empty.
  3. Hey Everyone

    Welcome back Gavvie. Yeah, like Zero said, we had to essentially do a reset on the forums due to issues stemming from the migration from our previous forum software to this current forum software. Things have been a lot more stable lately, but it does involve rebuilding everything again unfortunately.
  4. Favorite VG music

    (Not sure if IPB is going to do the "reveal hidden contents" thing like Zero's did above when I post this as I don't see an option for a spoiler-like tag, so if it doesn't let me know where it is and I'll edit this post.) Some of you probably already know of my love for this game (and the series in general), but I really loved this OST in particular, especially some of these vocal songs in particular: Vocalist might sound familiar to those who've watched Ghost in the Shell as it's the same person (Origa). Talking about the mood of the song kinda spoils a bit about the narrative (as it's somewhat of a late-game song), but it fits really well for where it's used. This one took me by surprise, since you'd think by the sound it was a final boss theme. But it's actually used about midway through the game during one of the key boss fights (with a lead-up that for spoiler reasons I can't explain but works well). The rest of the vocal part of OST is amazing (the non-vocal part is good, but is more background in a sense for a lot of the tracks), if you want to check it out.
  5. Hey guys I'm back

    Welcome back!