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  1. What anime are you watching

  2. Ban the Person Before You

    I ban you both for being the only ones posting!!!
  3. I Hate to admit but...

    I hate to admit that i lost all my games because I'm lazy
  4. The forum twisted wish game...

    Granted, but Everyone has merge too before you I wish I am a famous person
  5. I Like US Version most
  6. Most Influential Video Game Character on You.

    Cloud and Squall. Cool characters of Final Fantasy franchise
  7. Not bad for a 100$ if your gameplay will be outstanding regarding experience
  8. League Of Defenders

    Is there anyne currently playing League of Defenders here? I may have some questions to ask!
  9. Hey Everyone

    Hello Gavvie! Im a newbie also!!! welcome
  10. The Person After Me....

    Nope I have a dog TPAM loves movies!!!
  11. When did you first consider yourself a gamer?

    At first, I have no intention on playing any games coz I'm verymuch into basketball, But when I started to hold a controller I never stop playing even if I resist!!!
  12. What games did you play growing up?

    I started playing Harvest moon and Resident evil before I even played NBA2K
  13. A Very Zero Introduction

    Welcome Back!!! I'm Benthe13th newbie in this forum!!!
  14. Hi GamingUnion!

    Thanks for reminding !!! glad to be here i'm a newbie as well