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  1. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums! Sadly, yes we have gone into a bit of slump. But it is good to have you with us Petelil. Hope you do enjoy your stay on the forums with us
  2. If I was to invest in PVR, then yes. But, as I do not want to get VR, or have a 4K tv, then no. The only downfall of the original PS4 is the hard drive capacity, and a simple 2.5" external HDD is all you need to get around that issue.
  3. Hey guys I'm back

    Hey man! Welcome back to the forums! Yesh its all brand spanking new. Hope you do enjoy it! You are always welcome my dear friend
  4. The Person After Me....

    Black pants, yes ahaha TPAM did not play Ocarina of Time as much as me
  5. I Hate to admit but...

    I hate to admit but I need to sleep more before work...
  6. The Person After Me....

    Is it bad to say I haven't watched Rick and Morty! TPAM likes Tim and Eric, Awesome show. Great job!
  7. Silly YouTube Videos

    Ever want to sit back and watch some stupid YouTube videos, then this is the forum page for you. REMEMBER TO KEEP IT AT LEAST SENSIBLE! ....The kids are around......
  8. The Person After Me....

    YES! TPAM likes PC gaming just as much (actually even more) than I do!
  9. The Person After Me....

    Damn straight I am! TPAM IS crazier than me!
  10. The Person After Me....

    Mate. No way. You are! No doubt's about that! TPAM is our new awesomesauce Mod!
  11. What are you currently listening to?

    Dude. You have no idea how excited I have been to get this thing going. This is some pretty fancy forum software!
  12. Tell us more about you...

    Age: 26 Location: Melbourne Occupation: Service Desk Technician Interests: Games, music and motor sports Favourite School Subject: Music by far Favourite Movie: Clerks Favourite TV Show: Currently... The Newsroom Favourite Game: Ocarina of Time Favourite Sport: Formula 1 (yes, this is a sport!) Favourite Song: .....Too many to decide Favourite Book/Series: .....Books? Favourite Animal: Dogs Favourite Style of clothes: Comfortable! That that how you want. Favourite Colour: Purple Favourite Car/Vehicle: 1980 RA40 Toyota Celica Favourite Internet browser: Chrome Favourite actor and actress: Don't really have one. Favourite Food: Kebab! Favorite Type Of Music: Classical
  13. Pretty simple one. Lets start sharing what we have been listening to and get a depository of music happening again! I feel this is pretty apt right about now hahaha
  14. The Person After Me....

    TPAM has been around GU much longer than me!
  15. My thoughts exactly. I just feels like they are doing a Capcom if they don't do that.