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  1. The Person After Me....

    I am right now, it's comfy TPAM likes Grape soda
  2. The Person After Me....

    Not by a long shot TPAM likes action movies
  3. I think the 4k thing's a fad that'll end up fading in due time, there's only a really small section of people with tech capable of running 4k anything really. I do applaud Sony for keeping up with Microsoft when it comes to this, but I think this might not work well for Sony in the end.
  4. The Person After Me....

    Nope TPAM likes to drink Orange Juice
  5. What game(s) are you playing now?

    So for me, I've been playing Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS and I love it, and I've also been playing Smash 4 on the 3DS as I have Cloud, Ryu and Bayonetta . For a different pace, I downloaded AVGN Adventures and BOY is it had
  6. The Person After Me....

    So true! TPAM Liked Power Rangers as a kid
  7. The Person After Me....

    So true XP TPAM likes Japanese action shows
  8. Recommend an anime

    So it is coming to Toonami eh? Sweet!
  9. Recommend an anime

    Oh gosh, if your into older anime, I HIGHLY suggest the 1995 anime movie called Ghost in the Shell, or if your into more modern anime, I would say Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a great one to watch, it's on Crunchyroll at the moment