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  1. Last game you completed?

    Well, just beat the original Phantasy Star. Not a bad game
  2. The Person After Me....

    Sadly, no. One day, maybe Tpam can't remember the last time they cleaned their screen
  3. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    In the kitchen downstairs Nearest floppy disk
  4. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    Next room over Nearest candy
  5. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    Among a bunch of old toys Nearest blade
  6. The Person After Me....

    Although I lack a Switch to play it, and won't get one any time soon, it looks awesome tpam should look into checking out Adventures of Mana for Vita, iOS and Android, as it is a remake of the Gameboy game Final Fantasy Adventure (which is also the first game in the Mana series)
  7. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    Not too sure about that one. Haven't seen any around here in a while Nearest escape
  8. I Hate to admit but...

    Ihtab I wonder how chocobo tastes
  9. The Person After Me....

    2 actually, the original NES Dragon Warrior and DQ8 on PS2 TPAM is excited for the Secret of Mana remake
  10. I Hate to admit but...

    Ihtab I'm an Italian who doesn't like fish
  11. What is the nearest [Blank]?

    On the dresser across the room Nearest drink