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  1. Badges!

    Community badges! Hello Gamers!, I am Newbiezo! I today just found out this wonderful website!/forum! And I find it having damn potential to grow! I am pretty well new to this but having a good experience in community development I have a suggestion for the community today! BADGES! The community is participative when the community itself showcases few users who actually contribute! People who work for the community apart being staff needs a small recognition and so the badges would make a way here! Badges of certain types would be given to the users reaching a certain point in their community experience. This will encourage activeness in the community! WHAT TYPE OF YOU ARE TALKING Bout? let me give you a short example! Lets suppose a guy whose shares/post/threads are very hot meaning they get many engagements and likes so that guy can get a badge having a fire icon on it! Similarly a guy who is active a LOT would get a visible badges! Recognizing people would make them stick to the community for long! Any questions on this suggestion? I will answer all of them! Regards, Newbiezo
  2. Hi GamingUnion!

    Hi Gamers! I am newbiezo, having my own channel I am also a Community developer, means I produce tactics tips/suggestions to keep a healthy community status! I love to serve communities and help them grow having a good experience of this, my suggestions are well to do and mostly inclined to gaming communities and mostly promotional communities! I found this website by a random search and I am so surprised to see how much potential it has as we have great peeps to start with! I would love to help this community by my support/suggestion! I would also like to advertise this through my channel (started a month ago) Hope I have a great time here! Regards, Newbiezo