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Hey guys,

This is my first post here on Kingdom Hearts Union. Long time KHU podcast listener. Please go easy on me.

I've posted long time ago a fan fiction story called Kingdom Hearts III Online HD and I want to share it to all of you Kingdom Hearts fans. Here's the story, and its synopsis.


Synopsis:A new game called Kingdom Hearts Online HD is taking Midlight City by storm. Every player gets into the action with their very own KH alter-ego avatars called Keybearers on the mission to defeat an evil organization from stealing hearts. But something turns out terribly wrong: the game turns out real! Heartless are emerging in the city, a mysterious Keyblade knight roam around town, and players are losing their hearts of Pure Bravery.

Now, thirteen chosen KH players take their Keybearers' forms and join force against the forces of darkness in a Keyblade war across the KH universe and their city like never before. New missions, new dangers, new troubles awaits them.

Volume I -
Volume II - (incomplete)

The story has been revered as one of the best story on the website, with over 100 reviews. I also recently posted Volume II but then stopped due to writer's block. So it's not complete.

Caution:Story features Original Characters created by reviewers, readers and myself. So don't expect Sora, Riku, and Kairi in there, but do expect Terra and our beloved Disney cast in it. So that's a small caution for those expecting our main heroes.

This story is for Kingdom Hearts hardcore fans who love to read fan fictions. If you're not either one of them, you don't have to read it. But if you do, please give me your honest opinion about the story, as long as they are not flames. Please no flames. Thank you.

And like I said, I haven't finished Volume II yet. It's not complete. So if you like the story so far and have any ideas on how to help me continue on with the second volume of the story, let me know and share your ideas. I appreciate any help.

Anyway, enjoy the read. Oh and here's a picture for the story from yours truly.

[Image: KH3OnlineHD___Artwork_by_miiworld.png]

EDIT: wait, I just realized that's not my first post. My bad. Big Grin

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