Time and Eternity Review

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July 17, 2013 03:56:07 PM   

Quote:As a young bride to be, Toki is excited to wed her beloved Zack and start a new life. However, wee learn that the month before, a fortune teller predicted that on the day of their wedding there will be an attack. Going along, but still keeping the prediction in her mind, Toki's wedding day arrives and as predicted, assassins stab Zack right in front of her.

Full Story: Time and Eternity Review

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July 17, 2013 05:52:48 PM   

Ouch, a title with this direction getting a 3 from Melissa makes me glad I didn't snag it right away..

I was considering getting this day one just to support niche titles. However I had too many doubts. From the many reviews I've read/heard/watched, a good portion of slightly positive ones said that it gets better later on when customization of the two get more fleshed out. Making them have solid uniqueness about them. I guess I'll see when It hits a bargain bin at $30. For now, I'll wait.
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