KHU 56: New KH game released...and no one cares

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July 25, 2013 03:01:03 PM   

[Image: kingdom-hearts-union.jpg]

Welcome back to another week and another episode of Kingdom Hearts Union. We apologize for the delay in this episode which was brought about due to some technical difficulties. But, better late than never! This time around, Branden is joined by Churro and special guest Brian and the craziness begins. First up is the news and the gang covers the information on Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) in Japan, the Disney D23 event in Japan, and the different pieces of news from the Famitsu interview with Nomura!

Without missing a beat, they then move into your responses to the Burning Question about which KH2 cutscene is your favorite and why. You have some wonderful answers and be sure to get your answers in for the next Burning Question which is "How does it feel knowing that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming?"

Next on the list are your questions and we have quite a few this time. The trio spends time talking about issues like whether or not the Osaka Team will do a good job on KH3, will the new art style help KH3, which organization members are going to be in KH3, and how will the art style effect finishing moves and paired character moves. After lots of discussion, the music segment rolls around and we have a great Kingdom Hearts 2 remix for you to hear. The next show will be on August 20th so be sure to check back in and we'll see you then!

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July 26, 2013 03:10:43 PM   

Nice show as always.

Burning question: I was totally excited to hear the news of Kingdom Hearts 3 and have been stoked to see a constant trickle of news coming out about the game, but I keep telling myself that I have to temper my enthusiasm a bit. I know that with no specific release date and Nomura saying that the game was in the extremely early stages I probably won't see the game until at least 2015.

But what does excite me is the fact that it looks like Square Enix is going to keep dripping out bits of information until the release. Also because it is the Osaka team I believe that they can actually keep to a schedule (unlike the main Kingdom Hearts team) I have hope that I will see the game relatively soon. After all just a few people from the Osaka team did most of the work on the KH 1.5 HD remix... so I have great hope that I try to keep under control. I just want to see Roxas again so badly that it is really hard to wait.

P.S Update your news section.

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July 26, 2013 05:22:55 PM   

Love the podcast but i do have one question
do you think that KH3 will come out in both old consoles( ps3,and 360)and new gen or just new gen?

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July 26, 2013 07:14:21 PM   

I did not hear about Kingdom Hearts 3 until a few days after it was announced, and it was through the E3 So much News podcast. It was 11pm at night and I was on top of a mountain in the Chianti region of italy, and I am surprised that I did not wake up Nomura with the excited squeal that I let out! I was in Italy for another week, and the only thing that I could talk about was KH3! And none of my traveling companions were KH fans! I already have the PS4 game on preorder from Amazon, and I am planning on getting a PS4 by the time it comes out. After 7 years of lemon juice in the paper cut (aka spin off games), it feels like I have been infused with ambrosia. In other words, it feels pretty darn good, and I am so excited that I can hardly stand it!

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July 27, 2013 08:41:18 AM   

'90s boy bands confirmed for KH3, you heard it here first.

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July 27, 2013 02:26:29 PM   

Burning Question: My friend, "Anightsky18" had come over to watch E3 with me. When Nomura came on screen we both made jokes about how they would show that damn Agni's Philosophy again. But to be honest, we weren't all that shocked by the fact that it was versus, or the name change to XV.

Then Nomura said, "We have one more trailer for you." I turned to my friend and said, "Oh god, what the hell could this possibly be".

"I don't know..." Said my friend, to which I replied, "If I see a Disney Logo, I'm gonna loose my shit..."

*Disney logo*

My heart skipped a beat and kingdom hearts came on screen.

"Aww, it's just the HD collection." My friend said.

"Kevin... They're listing games that aren't in the collection... THEY'RE COUNTING UP!!!"

*the scene with Eraqus' keyblade on destiny islands comes up.*

"Oh god, THIS IS NEW!!!" says my friend.


*Kingdom Hearts III logo*

My friend and I, two full grown men, age 20, start cheering at the top of our lungs. Screaming and dancing around like little girls. Waking up EVERYONE in the house and probably the neighbors...

*AC4 comes on stage*


Later when the AC4 demo crashed I said, "Look at this, AC4 can't handle the hype of KH3. It gave up."

And to this day, no one can handle the hype that is KH3...

Oh... And to answer the burning question... My feelz feel pretty good about KH3...

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July 29, 2013 09:49:05 PM   

Burning Question:

I was soooo excited when I found out. I just got my niece hooked on Kingdom Hearts and we watched the trailer, it was epic! There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

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August 07, 2013 10:53:54 AM   

Burning Question:
Hearing that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming out, brings back a lot of nostalgia and memories of 1 and 2. I've played all of the games (sans Re:coded), but 1 and 2 have been the most special to me. Obsessing over 1 after it came out, and on the forums everyday when Kingdom Hearts 2 was announced...and analyzing Deep Dive in ways that isn't humanly possible. I remember the days that Roxas was known as "BHK" or "Blonde Haired Kid" and I remember calling my friend on the phone when his name was finally released.
Now, watching the trailer, many years later with the same friend, it's overwhelming. I am still in shock, but it's a nice shock. It was because of E3's announcement that I found this podcast, and I've officially caught up. And I'm so so so happy that there are stickers left. I've wanted one since this contest started. I'm just happy that Xehanort's Saga will be ending, hopefully with a feeling of closure and completeness. Thank you for reading my comment, and I will try every Burning Question until I get me some stickers! Tongue

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August 11, 2013 08:07:21 PM   

Burning question: I was in shock and denial when KH III was announced. I was out of town at the time so there was no way for me to watch E3 with the terrible wifi I had. Then going online I saw posts like "KH III is announced world peace is achieved" or "KH III is announced. By 6 am tomorrow all zippers and belts will be sold out from stores"

At first I thought it was all a joke and thought "haha that's nice" but as I saw more posts and then the pictures I freaked out.

Ever since I was introduced to the series I couldn't stop. It's been tough on my wallet since all the side games kept switching consoles. But it was worth it.

The announcement brings back a lot good memories for me. It still feels sort of unreal that we're finally getting KH III. Even though it will be a while until the game is actually released I'm looking forward to any updates on the worlds, characters, and stories. In the meantime I'll have to save up for a PS4.

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August 14, 2013 05:47:17 AM   

Amazing show as always =)

As for the burning question, I kinda have mixed felling. I mean, like every one of you guys, I've been waiting for KH3 announcement since I finished KH2. 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep making me want it even more... And then Dream Drop Distance was released. I never played the game, I only watched a playthrough on Youtube because I wanted to know about the story. Nomura and whoever wrote the story (I think that's Masaru Oka, don't quote me on that) tried to compensate for their lack of ability to write an appealing and interesting story by making it ridiculously (understand stupidly) complex.
Birty By Sleep was shocking in the good way, like every "good" KH title, it answered loads of questions gamers would have, and it also brought new questions that were (probably still are) most likely to be answered in future games. I've spent days discussing about the KH lore on French FF/KH forums, so I am, or rather was at the time quite knowledgeable on the Kingdom Hearts universe (like most of you I'm sure). During the final world of Dream Drop Distance, when I wasn't lost due to all the BS around time travelling, I was saying WTF over and over again... I watched a playthrough with a 3DS filmed with a camera on someone playing the japanese version, with fan-made english subtitles, I really was impatient to know the story of the game. It has been a year since the game came out out of Japan, and I am still to watch another playthrough of the english version, that's how much I've been desapointed by the narration of 3D... So I'm very sceptical about KH3, I'm happy it was announced, but I not as excited as I used to be... Which is kinda sad now that I come to think about it...

Anyways, I hope my english was understandable =)

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