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December 04, 2009 01:54:29 AM   

Heyo, peeps!

Alrighty, here's my question! Out of all the characters in the KH series, who do you guys think has the best character development and why? Big Grin

Thanks, and love ya guys! Smile

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Need Moar Whisky
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December 04, 2009 02:47:24 PM   

When birth by sleep comes out who will you play as first; Aqua, Terra or Ven?

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December 04, 2009 04:25:07 PM   

Hey Kyle, Marina, Lauren and Fozzie. Got a few questions, pick your fave or faves to add on the show.

1. Do you have your own Nobody Names? My Somebody name (My first name) is Ben, and my Nobody name is Bexn. What's yours?

2. Which Organization member are you most like? (I have a quiz on Facebook for this, just look up: Which Kingdom Hearts Organization member are you?) I am most like Axel, although i look NOTHING like him at all.

Answer to Ashadelo's question from Episode 4: Kairi is not, nor will she ever be a Keyblade Master. Just because Riku gave her one doesn't mean she is a Keyblade wielder. Part of the deal to wielding one, in my opinion is being able to summon one and being able to fight with it. Kairi cannot summon one, and as a result, is NOT a Keyblade Master. Nuff Said. (This can be put on the show along with my question.)

P.S. I am the hidden Land of Departure "Keyblade Hogwarts" Headmaster. I only come out to teach the TRUE keyblade masters. Marina and Lauren also teach along side me.

P.S.S. I have fozzness, do you?

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December 05, 2009 10:39:42 AM   

Hello podcasters, something has been bothering me for a while, and I wanted to hear what you think of it.
There have been a few rumors floating about the internet, the one in particular I'm talking about is thus: Will Terra become Xemnas at the end of Birth by Sleep? I've seen a few pieces of evidence that occasionally cause me to lose sleep at night, such as certain cutscenes in Final Mix Plus, i.e. when Xemnas is speaking to the armor in the Room of Awakening. Who's armor and Keyblade is it? Could it be Aqua's? I would be very interested to know what you guys think.

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Penguin X
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December 07, 2009 06:16:38 PM   

Hey Lauren, Marina, Fozzie and Kyle!!

1) I was listening to your podcast ep 4 and heard that Kingdom Hearts should be played in the order that they were developed but I have only been able to find one copy of Kingdom Hearts II out of the games in the series in the UK. I have made good progress but I am now wondering if by playing KH2 first I have spoiled too much for the first game which would ruin the experience for the first game? Especially as I have just found out that Sora didn't defeat Ansem but Xehanort's nobody.

2) Do you think that there will ever be a Kingdom Hearts Anime Series? Because there is already a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Manga Series. What do you think and also would you think it would work?

Thank You

P.S for more remixes of kingdom hearts

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December 08, 2009 01:14:16 AM   

Hello! I'm Shards! Or at least, that's my most commonly used name on teh Internets. . . >_>

Just one or two quick questions I suppose. . . Don't bothering answering it til you get to Beast's Castle. . . . or you'll never know what I'm talking about. Oh, and there's a spoiler in here too. >_>

Question #1: You know that Infernal Engine boss thing in Beast's Castle? That weird thing with the sniper Heartless on top of it? I spent about 5 hours just to beat that one boss alone. . . . Totally unproportionate to the time spent on other bosses. Which means, yes, I beat Xion and Riku faster than I beat the Infernal Engine. What would be your idea of a good strategy for beating the crap out of it quickly?

Question #2: Does Pete seriously look like a Zangoose in the Captain Justice outfit? o_0 Cause if he does, that's just scary.

K', bye!

Oh and, Marina, if you're the origin of all things Keyblade-related. . . . How does that explain the fact that you're younger/similar in age as Sora as of KH II? o_0

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Kingdom Hearts Otaku
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December 08, 2009 06:12:35 AM   

Hiya Lauren, Marina, Fozzie, and Kyle! ^.^ I hope you are all doing well, and that you enjoy your holidays!

My question might not be as cool or interesting as other peoples, but I hope it still amuses you all ^_^;; If you were going to cosplay as any character from the Kingdom Hearts series who would you cosplay and why? Or if you already have cosplayed as a KH character who was it and why did you choose them? I cosplayed Naminé because she is one of my favorite characters (it's extremely hard to choose just one favorite KH character because I love them all!), and she and I have a few things in common. We are both fairly quiet, lonely girls who like to draw. Plus the fact that I kinda look like Naminé played a major part in me choosing to cosplay her XD Which leads me to another question. There are several action figures, formation arts, and plushies of KH characters. Sora, Riku, Roxas, Kairi, Axel, Mickey, Demyx, and Xemnas to name a few. But out of all the characters I have seen so far I have yet to see a figure or plushie of Naminé. I know she's not as major of a character as Sora, Riku, and Kairi but she did play a big part in Chain of Memories. I love all the other characters, but I would have thought there would have been something with her before Xemnas >.> What do you guys make of it? And if you guys hate Naminé please don't hate me for liking her T.T

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this! Bye for now! :3

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December 11, 2009 12:29:41 AM   

Okay so my question is should i play Re: Chain of Memories? like is it really needed to understand the story line more?

Also! I love your Podcast it's awesome and you guys are really funny, Especially Marina and Lauren.

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December 12, 2009 09:21:59 AM   

We have recently been seeing a lot of Kingdom Hearts games for portables such 358/2 days, Birth By Sleep, Coded etc. Do you think we will see a console Kingdom Hearts game whether it be a spin off or Kingdom Hearts 3 this gen or is to late in the generation (as nothing has been announced so far) and we will be seeing one on a next gen console/s?

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Peace Keeper
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December 13, 2009 03:52:29 AM   

Dear KHU,
What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts manga? I think that it is a good way for the non-gamer to engage in the story, and also for gamers to understand a game if the didn't have the console it came out on. Though the manga doesn't have the same interactive feeling as playing the game does, it still puts out the feeling and emotion that the story gives you.

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