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~ No rude, insulting or inappropriate posts should be made. This includes personal attacks, flaming & trolling. This applies both in threads and the Chatbox. Vulgarity/swearing is only permitted in small appropriate doses at the discretion of the staff. Consistently posting spoilers without any [SPOILERS] tag is considered trolling.

~ Please refrain from spamming and posting fluff. This includes one word/short posts that are not adding constructive value to the discussion. The only exception to this rule is in the Forum Games section where there is no post count.

~ Double posting is also not allowed (this includes asking someone to add to a thread just so you can post again). The edit button can be used to edit your last post at any point.

~ While we understand discussion can go off topic, the best idea is to start a new thread, and leave the original one to carry on with the initial discussion.


~ Advertising is not allowed anywhere on the forums except in your signature or profile. Making threads for this purpose or PM-ing members will not tolerated. Any activity on an account that would indicate such an intention may be banned.

~ One account per person. Multiple accounts will be banned. If you would like your name changed, or you made a mistake when you registered, please PM an administrator.

~ No illegal activities, such as sharing links to torrents, emulation/ROMs or any general piracy etc. This also includes soliciting of currency for any game. The discussion of the topic is allowed, but the specific promotion of files, websites and programmes is not.

~ Post as legibly as possible. This is an English language forum, and as such all posts should be in English. This means that you should not write entire posts in a foreign language, 1337 or txtspk. Having said this, do not worry if your spelling or grammar isn't perfect; so long as your message is understandable.

~ Try not to make duplicate threads, and make a decent attempt to search for any identical threads before you make one yourself. You are allowed to revive any thread so long as you have something constructive to add.


~ If you break a rule, then a moderator or admin will take appropriate action to rectify the matter, either by a post in the relevant thread or in the form of a warning through PM. If this is ignored or further rules are broken, it could lead to the suspension or banning of your account.

~ All deletion or edition of posts or profiles are at the discretion of the staff and a reason will always be given. If you do not agree with a moderator's decision, please do not address the issue on the forums. Either PM the moderator in question or contact an admin to complain.

~ If you think you have seen a rule broken, please report it by either clicking the report button on the relevant post, or by sending a PM to a moderator or admin. Do not address the situation openly on the forums, including posting on a staff's profile page, or confronting the rule breaker in question. 


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