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    Black Rock Shooter: The Game


    About the Game

    2032 AD-the earth has been ruthlessly assaulted by extraterrestrials. Nineteen years of nonstop battle threatening the very existence of humanity. The last hope for human survival is BRS, a heroine created solely to save planet Earth; she is the ultimate battle android. But when she is awakened to end the battle once and for all, there are only twelve human beings left on Earth...

    Our Verdict

    Overall Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a fun little title. It’s short and sweet, but does feature a good amount of replay value. After finishing the game you can always go back and complete the mini objectives to collect artwork and music. When faced with difficult enemies, this is when Black Rock Shooter shines, but be prepared to wade through the small fry along the way.

    Release Information

    Black Rock Shooter: The Game for Sony PSP
    Developers Publisher
    Imageepoch NIS America
    Genre Release Date
    Action April 23, 2013

    Latest Headlines

    Black Rock Shooter The Game Finally Coming To US And Europe

    April 6, 2013 - NIS America announced that Imageepoch's Black Rock Shooter: The Game for PSP will finally be releasing on PSN only in the U.S. and Europe. The game will not be available in Canada, Mexico, and certain countries in Europe due to li...

    NIS America Nabs Black Rock Shooter License For Both North America, Europe

    August 25, 2011 - NIS America have announced that they've nabbed the license for Black Rock Shooter The Game for both North America and Europe! It's easily one of the more anticipated JRPGs developed by Imageepoch. "We are delighted to announce Bl...

    Imageepoch Announces Three New RPGs, Includes Black Rock Shooter

    November 27, 2010 - Imageepoch has announced three new JRPG titles for the PlayStation Portable and PSN at a press event held earlier this week. The titles are Final Promise Story, Chevalier Saga Tactics and Black Rock Shooter The Game. Final Promis...

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