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    Chaos Code


    About the Game

    Chaos Code is a port of an arcade game that was released in Japanese arcades during the middle of 2011. It features a similar 2D art style to games such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.

    Our Verdict

    Despite the flaws Chaos Code is still a decent game. It hasn’t raised the bar in the fighting genre, but it was a fun deviation. Unfortunately, that’s all it feels like it will be – a deviation. There are far too many fighting games available now that have a full functioning online right off the bat, have proper fight stick support, and when stacked against other 2D fighting games, it falls short visually. At its core, Chaos Code has the potential to be something; it’s fast paced, and diversity in grappling, dashing, projectiles, air combos and melee all make for a good battle system. It’s just a shame that even after 2 years, it’s still a work in progress of what it may be later on.

    Release Information

    Chaos Code for PlayStation Network
    Developers Publisher
    FK Digital Arc System Works
    Genre Release Date
    Fighting September 3, 2013

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