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    About the Game

    Chronovault is a puzzle game from Playerthree that came free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It had a story that revolved around time and was similar to Marble Madness.

    Our Verdict

    Chronovolt is free for Playstation Plus subscribers, and if you don't have a subscription, it's not worth the purchase at all. The game lacks the basic elements of a successful puzzle game, offering poor gameplay and music. The story is throwaway, but that's to be expected - it's just disappointing that there are so few redeeming qualities to the game. Even if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, do yourself a favor and try to ignore this title.

    Release Information

    Chronovault for PlayStation Vita
    Developers Publisher
    Playerthree Playerthree
    Genre Release Date
    Puzzle January 1, 2013

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