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    Company of Heroes 2


    About the Game

    Company of Heroes 2 is a strong sequel to the gritty real-time strategy game. This time it looks at the Eastern Front, focussing on the war that waged between the Russians and the Germans.

    Our Verdict

    Company of Heroes 2 is a good addition to the franchise, but it doesn't ever feel like it's anything more than an upgraded expansion. That's not to say it's bad, because Company of Heroes set the bar rather high. However, although the single player brings some fantastic historical interpretation, it isn't half as challenging. Still, its atmospherically and visually gorgeous and very much enforces the harshness of war. The multiplayer and AI skirmish sides are what players used to the series would come to expect, and are plenty of fun to play regardless of the single player component.

    Release Information

    Company of Heroes 2 for PC
    Developers Publisher
    Relic Entertainment Sega
    Genre Release Date
    Real Time Strategy June 25, 2013

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