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    Drakengard 3


    About the Game

    Drakengard 3 sees the popular franchise expand, this time as a PS3 exclusive. The main team from Drakengard 2 are back, with some new faces that were gained following the success of Nier.

    Our Verdict

    Drakengard 3 is a strong Action RPG, which features a memorable protagonist, plenty of crudeness and some enjoyable audio presentation. It does feature a weak story on the surface and some below par gameplay elements, but as an overall package, everything comes together in the end.

    Release Information

    Drakengard 3 for PS3
    Developers Publisher
    Access Games Square Enix
    Genre Release Date
    Action RPG May 20, 2014

    Latest Headlines

    Drakengard 3 Launch Trailer Revealed

    May 23, 2014 - With Drakengard 3 now available in North America and Europe, Square Enix took the oportunity to reveal the title's launch trailer. The launch trailer will give you a quick glimpse at what you can expect to see in the game, from b...

    Keiichi Okabe Explores The Role of Music In Drakengard 3

    May 6, 2014 - With Drakengard 3 out in just a few weeks time, Square Enix has released a video which sees Keiichi Okabe, the main composer on the project, talk about his experiences with the project. Okabe, part of the MONACA team, famously wo...

    Drakengard 3 Collector's Edition Coming To Europe

    April 2, 2014 - After receiving positive feedback from fans, Square Enix of Europe has announced the Collector's Edition of the upcoming Drakengard 3. In this limited edition, fans will be treated to various items ranging from DLC to a novella. ...

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