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    Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires


    About the Game

    Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires is the final game in the Dynasty Warriors 7 sub-franchise. As has been the case with previous generations, Empires brings a turn-based strategy approach to the classic Dynasty Warriors formula.

    Our Verdict

    Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires is a decent way to round out this current cycle of Dynasty Warriors games. While the core gameplay hasn't changed much from Dynasty Warriors 7, the introduction of strategems and the respawn system make it a bit more tactical this time around. Of course, Empires has always been about turn-based strategy to complement the chaotic brawling action and this doesn't change here. It could have perhaps done with a little bit more depth though.

    Release Information

    Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires for PS3
    Developers Publisher
    Omega Force Tecmo Koei
    Genre Release Date
    Beat Em Up February 26, 2013

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