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    Football Manager 2014


    About the Game

    Football Manager 2014 is back yet again with another master class in Football simulation. This time the experience is even more authentic, with a whole host of changes being represented.

    Our Verdict

    Football Manager 2014 again raises the bar for sports simulators, with Sports Interactive not resting on their laurels at all. There are again a plethora of changes, some smaller than others, but the main thing here is softer changes to make the game more realistic in terms of the day-to-day. This relates to how journalists interact with you, how patient boards are and even how fans react to results. Simply put, Football Manager 2014 is still the definite football management experience.

    Release Information

    Football Manager 2014 for PC
    Developers Publisher
    Sports Interactive Sega
    Genre Release Date
    Simulation October 30, 2013

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