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    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


    About the Game

    In Dark Moon, the player takes control of the character Luigi, who is equipped with the Poltergust 5000, a specialized vacuum cleaner used to capture ghosts. In the game's single-player mode, the main goal is to retrieve the pieces of the shattered Dark Moon, a magical object that has a pacifying effect on the ghosts residing in the game's setting, Evershade Valley, by seeking them out in the five haunted mansions located therein. Dark Moon offers a cooperative multiplayer mode that can be played locally or online via Nintendo Network.

    Our Verdict

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon takes everything great about the first game and combines it into a much longer quest with tons of areas to explore and lots of cleverly hidden collectables. It is definitely one of the best looking games on the 3DS to date and this gives it so much personality and charm. Anyone who is a fan of the original or who is looking for a fun and innovative 3DS game should look no further.

    Release Information

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS
    Developers Publisher
    Next Level Games Nintendo
    Genre Release Date
    Action Adventure March 24, 2013

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