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    Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

    Wii U

    About the Game

    Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth on the Nintendo Wii U is a re-jigged version of the same game that was produced for Microsoft's Kinect system on the Xbox 360.

    Our Verdict

    Overall, this game has guilty pleasure written all over it. It may be repetitive to its very core, but you can have some fun with it. Characters are polished and nicely rendered, and it has a bunch that I really like. The game itself would have worked better as a network title for a budget price. The asking price is just far too much for what little the game offers.

    Release Information

    Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for Nintendo Wii U
    Developers Publisher
    Ubisoft Quebec Ubisoft
    Genre Release Date
    Action Adventure December 4, 2012

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