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    Muramasa Rebirth


    About the Game

    Muramasa Rebirth is an updated version of Muramasa, which originally appeared on the Nintendo Wii. It features some new characters that offer up different play styles and have unique weapons.

    Our Verdict

    As long as you were not expecting any sort of new content besides an updated translation to the games text, Muramasa Rebirth remains a classic and can now be played anywhere you have your Vita. A bit of a steep learning curve is the only real blemish on this absolutely stunning game. Now we just have to wait and see how the four DLC characters turn out later this year.

    Release Information

    Muramasa Rebirth for PlayStation Vita
    Developers Publisher
    Vanillaware Aksys Games
    Genre Release Date
    Action RPG June 25, 2013

    Latest Headlines

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    Muramasa Rebirth Getting A North American Release

    January 29, 2013 - Waiting for Dragon's Crown to finally release can be more than some can bear, but Askys Games is here to help North America by letting you experience Muramasa Rebirth on the PlayStation Vita. This will be an updated version of the...

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