Speedball 2 HD

Speedball 2 HD (PC) Video Game

Speedball 2 is back with improved visuals, almost 20 years later, thanks to Vivid Games. It features the same core gameplay and scenario mode, but all in glorious high definition.


5Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe arrived in the 90s during a time when publishers were rather creative when it came to sports titles. Back then the landscape was rather different than it is now, and although we do have games like Blood Bowl still floating around, Speedball 2 was just one of the many titles that took popular sports and made them rather more extreme. Now, almost two decades later, Vivid Games has decided that Speedball 2 needs a new lick of paint and although it still has the same charm as before, there are a few parts that haven’t aged all that well.

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