Ragnarok Odyssey

Ragnarok Odyssey (PlayStation Vita) Video Game

Ragnarok Odyssey is a new title set in the popular Ragnarok Online universe. Players will enter a spiritual world where battle is being waged between humans and giants after the fall of the gods had previously separated the two races. After creating a character from over 20,000 possible combinations based on customizable physical features, players are given the choice of one of six specialized job classes before entering the open world and beginning their adventure.


7In Japan, when the PSP was essentially on its deathbed, there was one game which single-handedly reinvigorated the system: Monster Hunter. With its focus on local multiplayer and Japan's clustered neighborhoods it was a match made in heaven. Nintendo got Capcom to release future Monster Hunter releases on their platforms, thus allowing Ragnarok Odyssey to try and fill that void. It has its faults, but for fans of the monster hunting genre this is one welcome odyssey indeed.

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