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    Ragnarok Odyssey


    About the Game

    Ragnarok Odyssey is a new title set in the popular Ragnarok Online universe. Players will enter a spiritual world where battle is being waged between humans and giants after the fall of the gods had previously separated the two races. After creating a character from over 20,000 possible combinations based on customizable physical features, players are given the choice of one of six specialized job classes before entering the open world and beginning their adventure.

    Our Verdict

    Ragnarok Odyssey has its fair share of missteps, but there are some definite highs too. Odyssey does an amazing job at letting players get directly into the action faster and quicker without overusing the touch screen mechanics that have faulted so many other developers for the handheld in the past and it does help to fill a void for this genre on the system. If you own a Vita and want a long-lasting experience, this is one odyssey you should embark on post-haste.

    Release Information

    Ragnarok Odyssey for PlayStation Vita
    Developers Publisher
    Game Arts, GungHo Xseed Games
    Genre Release Date
    Action RPG October 30, 2012

    Latest Headlines

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    XSEED Games Announces 'Mercenary Edition' For Ragnarok Odyssey

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