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    Speedball 2 HD


    About the Game

    Speedball 2 is back with improved visuals, almost 20 years later, thanks to Vivid Games. It features the same core gameplay and scenario mode, but all in glorious high definition.

    Our Verdict

    Speedball 2 HD is a competent remake of a 90s classic, but it doesn’t achieve anything beyond this basic level of competency. The AI is still just as easy to exploit as it was back then and with no online multiplayer, it means there isn’t that much challenge offered by this experience. Still, the gameplay is still fun and while you won’t have too much trouble winning everything, you will likely still enjoy doing so - it’s just a shame more wasn’t done to try and update the experience.

    Release Information

    Speedball 2 HD for PC
    Developers Publisher
    Vivid Games Mastertronic
    Genre Release Date
    Sports December 5, 2013

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