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    Tony Hawk: Shred Bombs In North America

    PS3 X360 Wii 0 Comments Nov 17th, 2010, 12:32pm EST by Darryl Kaye    
    Tony Hawk: Shred Bombs In North America The latest sales figures from North America are pointing at Tony Hawk: Shred being a complete failure as it only managed to sell 3,000 units during its first week on sale.

    This is a far cry from years past, where Tony Hawk games were must-have titles and it really means Activision will have to consider the Tony Hawk brand within its line-up.

    Reports emerged last month that Robomodo, the developer, had been downsized and taken off the brand. Whoever takes it on will have a serious job on their hands.

    TAGS: Tony Hawk Shred, Tony Hawk, Robomodo, Activision, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

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