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    PixelJunk Appearing On Xbox 360: Extremely Unlikely

    X360 0 Comments Oct 7th, 2009, 12:00am EDT by Darryl Kaye    
    PixelJunk Appearing On Xbox 360: Extremely Unlikely PixelJunk has become a huge franchise for Q-Games, and it's enabled them to be quite flexible in how they operate. What started off as quite a gamble, has become a successful venture, with the fourth game in the series, PixelJunk Shooter, currently in the works.

    However, so far, the PixelJunk games have only appeared on PlayStation consoles, and primarily the PlayStation Network. Being a third-party studio, they are free to have their games appear on any platform, including the Xbox 360, and they have of course worked with Nintendo in the past. We managed to catch up with Q-Games' PR Manager, Duncan Flett to ask him if it's something they've considered,

    Not really, no [we haven't considered it]. We're a company based in Japan, and that's where a lot of our sales come from. The Xbox 360 just isn't very popular here, whereas PlayStation products are. Also, many of our development team are from Japan and they aren't too familiar with working on the Xbox 360.

    So, it's unlikely we'll be seeing PixelJunk products on the Xbox 360 anytime soon, although this could change if it sees a sudden resurgence in popularity in Japan.

    TAGS: PixelJunk Shooter, PixelJunk, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, TGS 2009

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