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    Monster Hunter Freedom 3 Basically Confirmed By Capcom

    0 Comments Oct 11th, 2009, 12:00am EDT by Darryl Kaye    
    Monster Hunter Freedom 3 Basically Confirmed By Capcom Everyone is aware how huge Monster Hunter is, and the release of Monster Hunter Tri only helped to further its reputation. However, where the franchise has arguably been most successful is on Sony's portable console, the PlayStation Portable.

    The last main version to be released on the PSP was Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in August, 2007, as Freedom Unite was essentially an expansion, and with 2010 fast approaching, there were some doubts about whether Capcom wanted to move away from the PSP.

    These doubts were quashed during this year's Tokyo Game Show, when Chris Kramer, Capcom USA's Senior Director of Communications and Community said,

    We are absolutely not finished with Monster Hunter on the PSP. I can't announce anything further than that though.

    It's unsure whether, what would surely be known as Monster Hunter Freedom 3 in the West, is currently in development, but it's clear that Capcom are already thinking about it.

    TAGS: Monster Hunter Freedom 3, Monster Hunter PSP, Monster Hunter, Capcom, TGS 2009

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