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    Joe Booth From EA Montreal: You Can't Beat Nintendo

    X360 0 Comments Nov 17th, 2009, 12:00am EST by Jamie Courts
    Joe Booth From EA Montreal: You Can't Beat Nintendo At the Montreal International game Summit, Joe Booth of EA's Montreal studio gave a presentation on the current state of the console market and Nintendo's massive lead in the industry.

    With a large focus on the Disruption Theory, Booth showed how Nintendo's market beat out Sony and Microsoft at launch and how both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 made mistakes in pricing and features at launch. Even with initial response to the Wii being incredibly negative, Booth showed how the pricing strategy and innovative features pushed the system beyond all of its competition.

    It's not to say the other systems will not play catch up in the current market however. The PS3 and 360 with lower price points are currently starting to pull a large market share in now while the Wii slowly dips in popularity. Especially noted was that more than half the market now owns HD capable televisions and both the PS3 and 360 are better suited to the HD generation as the TV market catches up with the capabilities of the HD systems.

    Booth also spoke of the 'Retard' games trend where he explained that there isn't really such a thing as casual games, and that thinking that way creates games that are simple, but lose the point of being a fun game. Booth said to think of the word 'Retard' when thinking of 'Casual' since it's essentially going backward in development, or in other words a retardation of the games industry.

    In the end Nintendo probably won't step down from their pillar though, since the price drop to $199 USD could help pull more of the non-gamer audience into the system, as well as mass audience games like Wii Fit that sells more than any other system has yet. So, Nintendo essentially can't be beat for the current generation.

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