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    New Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Plaguing Xbox 360 Version

    0 Comments Dec 13th, 2009, 9:31pm EST by Adam Ma  
    New Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Plaguing Xbox 360 Version Infinity Ward was quick to fix some of the major bugs that had been plaguing the multiplayer portion of Modern Warfare 2. Using a combination of unusual button sequences, weapon swaps, and sometimes careful jumping players have been able to exploit the game's programming to cheat. Two of the more prominent bugs (the Javelin and Care Package glitch) were fixed in the most recent online update, as well as many of the bugs allowing players to move inside walls. However some of the exploits remain in the game, and have seen increased use with the removal of other exploits.

    Known as the Public "Private Match" Hack, the exploit cleverly allows players to create their own private match, of which they can gain double experience from. Private matches can normally be created for more intimate play against friends or rival clans, but are generally created by invite only. The most disruptive part of this particular glitch is the fact that it takes players out of the games they'd selected, and instead drops them into a game not of their choice. Additionally, as the bug heavily involves the use of friends lists and the Xbox Live interface it can only be done on the Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 2.

    Other aspects of this glitch allow you to kill players on the same team and have their death count towards your overall score. This also effects killstreaks, which can then be used to kill more team members if the exploiter wishes. Robert Bowling, Director of Communications/Community Manager for Infinity Ward has posted up on Twitter that they are aware of the issue, and are currently looking into the exploit.

    These sorts of exploits are very frustrating, particularly since the issue lies directly with Xbox live and how it interacts with the in-game matchmaking. The situation is very different than it was with the Javelin glitch. It is however unfair to the large majority of the player base to be dragged into a game type they had no intention of being a part of. Worse then that, there seems to be no way to really escape it aside from hoping that it doesn't happen. Having experienced the bug firsthand, I personally hope that Infinity Ward develops a patch quickly. It's really hard to want to play with so much rampant cheating.

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