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    Demon's Souls Coming To North America

    0 Comments May 20th, 2009, 12:00am EDT by Darryl Kaye    
    Demon's Souls Coming To North America Demon's Souls, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Japanese Action RPG, has just been confirmed for a North American release. It will be published by Atlus and will be appearing Fall 2009.

    Described by critics as one of the hardest games they've ever played, Demon's Souls is not a game for the light hearted. It requires a lot of skill, and a lot of patience. However, for those willing to invest time, the game is exceedingly rewarding.

    Many gamers were wanting to get their hands on it, and up until now, no word was given at all about its release. At least now people won't have to worry about importing that Asian version to be able to play the game.

    TAGS: Demons Souls, PlayStation 3 Exclusives, PlayStation 3, From Software, Atlus

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