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    Tell Mojang What To Make At Mojam

    PC 0 Comments Feb 19th, 2013, 12:21pm EST by Jared Scott  
    Tell Mojang What To Make At Mojam Tomorrow, from 6pm CEST to Saturday at Midnight, Mojang will kick off Mojam with six other developers. The aim is to make games from random words that fans choose.

    Mojang will split themselves into teams and stream the development of their games. The six developers who will join Mojam are from Grapefrukt, Ludositiy, OxEye, Vlambeer, and Wolfire.

    Mojang is also using this opportunity for viewers to donate to either Block by Block or EFF. Those who donate will be able to play the final games and their builds. Anyone who donates above the average will also be entered into a raffle prize.

    If you're interested in Mojam and want to contribute to the video game themes, you can visit Mojang's web page here.

    SOURCE: Mojang

    TAGS: Mojang, Grapefrukt, Ludositiy, OxEye, Vlambeer, Wolfire, PC

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