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    PS4 Launch Titles To Be Plentiful, Says Sony

    PS4 0 Comments Mar 30th, 2013, 12:25pm EDT by Darryl Kaye    
    PS4 Launch Titles To Be Plentiful, Says Sony Mark Cerny, the lead architect working on the PlayStation 4, has stated publicly that the upcoming console will "have many titles for launch."

    When addressing the Japanese press, Cerny said "The main difference is [between the PS3 and PS4], we will have many titles for launch. Because game development is easier, there shouldn't be a barrier as there had been previously."

    Cerny went on to continue by talking about difficulties with the PlayStation 3's architecture. "PS3 had the image that it was difficult to develop for. Even the PS2 wasn't that easy. PS4 has a PC CPU and a GPU that’s been enhanced from a PC so the game line-up should become very rich."

    When the PlayStation 3 launched in Japan there were only six titles available. It led to slow sales compared to the Nintendo Wii. The same followed in North America, as although there were more titles on offer, the majority of them were sports titles such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden NFL 07 and NBA 2K7. Other titles were made available for the European launch a few months later, but quite a few titles were also available on the Xbox 360, which had been around for a while.

    Other launches since then have also struggled. The Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation Vita have all found life difficult at the beginning of their life cycles and showcase even more how paramount a good launch is for momentum.

    At present, there are quite a few games speculated to be PS4 launch titles. These range from Killzone: Shadow Fall to Diablo 3 and InFamous: Second Son. There's also the prospect of multiplatform titles such as Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs launching on the PS4.

    More information is sure to surface around E3 2013 with regards to launch titles, as well as the actual console itself. Sony has already shown part of their hand, but they still have plenty left to reveal at the biggest showcase in the gaming calendar.


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