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    EA Obtains FIFA Exclusivity For Another Nine Years

    Wii Wii U PS3 X360 PC Vita 3DS 0 Comments May 9th, 2013, 9:54am EDT by Jared Scott  
    EA Obtains FIFA Exclusivity For Another Nine Years FIFA and EA have agreed to continue their licensing deal until the year 2022.

    This will mean that EA will have been the sole game developer of FIFA games for twenty-nine years straight once the agreement expires. Andrew Wilson, Executive VP and Head of EA Sports commented that “Our franchise has become the benchmark for quality and innovation in the sports videogame genre, and we look forward to many more years of...carrying the prestigious FIFA name.” To further show that EA is right for FIFA, the company announced yesterday that FIFA 13 has sold a total of 14.5 million copies.

    With the FIFA licensing renewal and the obtaining of the Star Wars video game license, EA has had a great half year in the world of business.


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