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    Pokemon: Origins English Trailer Brings The Nostalgia

    0 Comments Sep 26th, 2013, 8:36pm EDT by Spencer Pressly    
    Pokemon: Origins English Trailer Brings The Nostalgia An all new Pokemon animated special is coming to the West and it is called Pokemon Origins. If you don't know about Pokemon Origins, the four part animated special is a retelling of the first generation Pokemon games on Gameboy. Ash is now replaced with original hero of Pokemon Red/Blue, but sadly this time we won't be able to name our rival something hilarious mean.

    This new take on the origins of the Pokemon games seems to be a great idea since many fans have been looking for a new take on a Pokemon anime. So far all we know about the English dub of Origins is that the first episode will air online at Pokemon TV November 15th. The other three episodes air date has yet to be detailed.

    No word yet on if this will be an online exclusive, but this just shows that Pokemon continues to dominate more than just video games over 15 years on the market. Are you going to watch Pokemon Origins and would you like to see than just four episodes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    TAGS: Pokemon Origins, Nintendo, Pokemon, Anime

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