Phil Fish Confirms Fez Is Coming To OUYA

Phil Fish Confirms Fez Is Coming To OUYA

Today Phil Fish, co-creator of Fez, has confirmed on Reddit that he will in fact port Fez to the OUYA console.

A few hours ago, Phil Fish created a post on Reddit titled, "I AM PHIL FISH, CO-CREATOR OF FEZ, ASK ME ANYTHING." Precisely one hour later, a curious user asked if there would be a port of Fez to OUYA and if not, why? Fish responded two minutes later, "[W]e're working with OUYA on a port."

Though Fish has been either loved or hated due to his comment on Japanese games, Fez has received lots of attention. Fez, the puzzle, platform game that deals with a 3D environment from a 2D perspective, was covered in Indie Game: The Movie, released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and even confirmed for a Steam release on May 1st.

With Fish's game coming to the OUYA, it will be interesting to see if the OUYA affects the sales of Fez or if it is Fez that helps out the OUYA.


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