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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 139

    0 Comments Jan 24th, 2017, 3:14pm EST
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 139

    Final Fantasy Turns 30 Years Old!

    As Final Fantasy turns 30 years old this year, this episode is focussed around our expectations for the year, with tons of predictions around potential announcements!

    We already know that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood are releasing this year, but what about other titles such as Dissidia Arcade or Final Fantasy XV on PC?

    Given the vast quantity of questions we had on our Final Fantasy XV review episode, we also have some spill-over this episode so there's an extended questions segment to run through them all!

    Patreon Supporters This Episode:
    Barry Norton, Christian Burge, Christian Thompson, Louis James, Satria Djajasudarma, Skylar Lovelace, Tigercrane, Tyson Wildman, William Trengove, Chris Morales, Digileo, Eric Decker, Harley Crawley, Jonathyn Gonzales, Josh MacNab, Michael Graham, Thorin Bullen, Zach Duranto, Alex Trautman, Billy Jackson, Darren Matthews, Jason Rivera, Joseph Robertson, Julio Carrillo, Keith Field, Mario Herker, Mike Shirley-Donnelly, Mohammed Qayum, Nico Gonzalez, Raechel Casterton, Tony Stemen, Vitanitas, Zeldaclone, Anthony, Capaneus, Chris de Hoog, Chris Vollant, coolsonh, Garrett Peterson, Griffin Golding, Jannis Jr., Jared Winer, John McCrea, mcgregml, Philippe W. Naud, Raxtenn, Rodrigo, Samantha Beigel, Scott Bechtel, Shinji Tanaka, Simon Kuperman, Sloan, Thomas Dixon, Tom Brown, Tom Wosley, Tony, Benny Chen, Kristoffer Axelsson, Peter Lam
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