Final Fantasy Union: FF embargos makes Colin a mute!

Final Fantasy Union

What....we have Versus news for once? Perhaps the zombie apocalypse has finally arrived. Well, until the rise of the undead convert us all, the gang comes together to talk about all things Final Fantasy. Darryl is joined by Colin and Lauren and they jump headfirst into the news which includes lot of details about 13-2, a tentative releases for 13 Verses, and Type-0’s play-through and cast of characters!

After giving out all the updates from the past couple weeks, the trio jump into the Burning Question which is “What would you give up for Final Fantasy Type-0.” The answers range from new games, remakes of games, candy, and our mortal souls. And as it is with every FFU, we have answers from your questions! This week, there are three that cover how they would feel if Square had to sell their IPs, how they would like an FF7 to be remade, and what would it be like if a FF game was set in a real world location.

There is fun to be had. The gang wraps things up with a fun orchestral remix from FF9. Get your fix now before zombies eat your brain! Final Fantasy Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of FFU every three weeks.


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