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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 65

    0 Comments Mar 13th, 2012, 12:03pm EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 65

    Has Final Fantasy Officially Lost its Sheen?

    Another week, another episode of Final Fantasy Union is here to discuss all things FF related. Unfortunately, there’s very little to discuss! Join in with Darryl, Colin, and Lauren as they sit down to chat about the franchise. After ranting a while about there being very little news since the release of FF13-2, they move into the two pieces of news: the DLC in FF13-2 for Sazh and the estimated sales figures.

    The gang is not impressed with either of them so listen in to find our why. They move right into reading your answers to the Burning Question which was “What do you think of the FF13-2 DLC?” After a brief discussion on what it would be like if Square-Enix outsourced the FF franchise to another company, they go right into your questions including how they each played Noel in the game, their thoughts on the voice acting in the game, and whether Versus will be released on the PS4 rather than the PS3.

    And this show, the music gives you a throwback to the era of FF2 with a killer remix. Even though it may have been a slow week, the trio does not disappoint with plenty of discussion and a fair amount of ranting so make sure you get your fix! Final Fantasy Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of FFU every four weeks.
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