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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 72

    0 Comments Sep 25th, 2012, 12:18pm EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 72

    A new FF game is announced, it's not Versus...

    Welcome back to Final Fantasy Union for another episode of all things in the FF universe. After months and months of radio silence with only a little amount of news, Square Enix dumps a lot on us recently and Darryl, Lauren and Spencer are here to talk about it. There is a lot of news about Final Fantasy 14, Final Fantasy 3 re-release, and the new game that's been announced, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13.

    They spend a good deal of time talking through each of the news points while throwing in a healthy portion of rants. And after the news, the gang moves into the questions segment. This show, there is only one question but it's a big one. This show, the gang goes into an in-depth discussion about which Final Fantasy game has the best romantic story while also talking about how crucial a romantic aspect to an FF story is.

    And don't go too far because the show rounds out with a remix from Final Fantasy 6 from the guys over at OverClocked Remix. Final Fantasy has a lot of news and information right now; be sure to listen in so you can get it all!
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