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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 73

    0 Comments Oct 23rd, 2012, 11:34am EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 73

    Lightning Returns, and no one knows!

    Final Fantasy Union is back again for its 73rd episode with news from the franchise. Darryl is joined by Lauren and Spencer and they waste no time by jumping straight into the news that has emerged from Square-Enix. This episode, they talk about updates for the new game "Lightning Returns" with quotes from Nomura and Toriyama. If that's not enough, stick with it to hear about the the recent news on Final Fantasy Type-0 and how a NEW edition is going to be released…not in the west.

    After some ranting from the trio, they move into the Burning Question and your responses to the question about Tabata and his place in creating home console games. Your answers are actually pretty varied! Make sure you get your answers in for the next BQ which is "Are you convinced by Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (is SE doing the right thing by creating this game)?" Don't go too far as your questions are next, and this time the gang focuses on two. Listen in to hear their thoughts on when the Final Fantasy 10 HD remake will come out and what characters from the games they reacted to opposite to what the developers had planned.

    To end the show, we have another great remix for you and this time around, the re-arrangement comes from Final Fantasy 12 (believe it or not) so make sure you don't stop listening until the end! Square-Enix appears to be making progress in the Final Fantasy franchise and FFU is the place to hear ALL about it!
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