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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 77

    0 Comments Feb 19th, 2013, 12:47pm EST
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 77

    Is SE still your JRPG company?

    Happy February everyone and welcome to another episode of Final Fantasy Union! Darryl is joined by Lauren and Spencer and as always they dive into the world of Final Fantasy. First up is an announcement of a new show called "Ask Square-Enix" which will be a podcast where you guys get to ask just about any question and the podcast gang will sit down with an SE rep to get you your answers! Don't miss it.

    Next up is the news. This show has two different pieces including some information on Lightning Returns and a fan made hack of Type-0 for fans in the west. The trio jumps into your responses to the previous Burning Question which was "is SE still your main JRPG company?" You responses were overwhelming in a good way! This segment brings quite a fun tangent that the gang goes into so prepare for some ranting. Get your answers in for the next BQ which is "Do you think Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released on the PS4?"

    And what would a FFU episode be without your questions? We have a great question that the hosts discuss which is whether or not Ni no kuni is a direct competitor to Final Fantasy. The show rounds out with a great Final Fantasy 7 remix from everyone's favorite song: Aeris' Theme. With 2013 officially heating up, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for all FF news; we'll be sure to get it to you!
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