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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 78

    0 Comments Mar 19th, 2013, 12:26pm EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 78

    Lots of news about Final Fantasy...coming soon

    It been 4 weeks since the last episode of Final Fantasy Union and the gang is BACK for another show to bring you all things Final Fantasy. Darryl is joined by Spencer and Lauren once again. This two segment show brings lots of rants and tangents, so buckle in for a wild and crazy ride. First up is the news (or lack thereof). With all the news in the video game industry, the trio discusses how SE has been ridiculously silent on the Final Fantasy front.

    Since the last show, there have been news pieces about Lightning Returns being released digitally (no release date), Final Fantasy X HD character renders of Yuna and Tidus (no gameplay footage at all), and some misunderstanding about the clothing development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. With all of these announcements, Square Enix has told us that more information is coming "soon". Next up is the Burning Question from last episode and your responses.

    The gang talks about whether or not Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be on the PS4. Your responses to the question provides some amazing discussion points for the hosts and they go off on many rants and tangents! They also discuss the potential backlash against SE if Versus XIII were to be released on the PS4 rather than the PS3. It's a great roundtable so don't miss it! Be sure to get your answers in for the next BQ which is "How much did the Final Fantasy X HD tease anger you?" Last up is a killer remix from Final Fantasy V that you'll want to hear! Enjoy the show and we'll see you again in a few weeks!
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