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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 81

    0 Comments Jul 9th, 2013, 1:15pm EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 81

    Square Enix is going HAM with news!

    Happy July everyone and welcome back to the world of FInal Fantasy Union, the place to get your Final Fantasy fix! Darryl is joined this time by Lauren and very special guest Beyhan and they dive into things straight away. This show is all about the news as SE has dumped a ton of it! First off is the news for Lightning Returns including the Cloud Strife costume, the digital download release info, the return of a previous character from 13, and the release date for the soundtrack!

    Next up are the updates for Final Fantasy X HD; there's brand new cutscenes with original voice acting which has been written by Nojima as well as an update on the Cross Save feature. Final Fantasy XV also has news with Nomura talking about how both XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 will have similarities between the two games since they are both being developed simultaneously! The gang moves into the online world with the news from Final Fantasy XIV including the player numbers for the Beta version as well as a cameo appearance of a previous FF character in the online adventure. The final piece of news deals with Final Fantasy VII and how it's being released on Steam!

    However, the trio don't end there as they answer 2 of your questions this week which deal with whether or not FFXV will surpass FFVIII as the most successful FF game and how a certain aspect of the gameplay in FF7 works. Be sure to stick around for the incredible music segment with a mix from the new OCR album for FF6 (you won't want to miss it). And make absolutely sure that you stick around to the very end; you'll love it :).
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