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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 82

    0 Comments Aug 6th, 2013, 12:13pm EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 82


    Welcome back to another episode of Final Fantasy Union and join us as we plunge into the world of FF! Darryl and Lauren come together for a wonderful two person show and they jump straight into the fray. First up is the news and there is a TON of it!

    A lot of it deals with Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns including the return of certain characters such as Caius, a new enemy extinction mechanic, and breast design and physics (not joking about that last one). There is also news about the Final Fantasy 10 HD remix and the music; quite a few of the tracks from 10 will be re-recorded with live instruments to make it sound the best possible! And finally there is some news from the MMO known as Final Fantasy 14!

    Next up is the Burning Question and the duo talks all about the whole boobie debacle and they go through your responses and thoughts as to how this could affect the game, both good and bad. Be sure to get your answers in for the new Burning Question! The show wraps up with a lovely remix from the OCRemix FF6 album; it's a wonderfully peaceful guitar mix that you will love! We'll be back in a few weeks and we'll see you then!
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